About FOIS Tours

Join us on a unique guided 2½ hour walking tour of Oak Island, with Oak Island Historian Charles Barkhouse. FOIS tours are limited to 125 visitors per tour and are conducted between June and September – we walk rain or shine! 

Current Year Tour Dates

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page (or here) for the announcement of 2020 dates in January next year.

Getting to the Island

Oak Island is about an hour south of Halifax via Highway 103. Take Exit 9, and continue toward Gold River. If you’re coming from the South Shore, take exit 10 towards Mahone Bay/ Martins River. Take Crandall Point Road, which will lead you to the Oak Island Causeway. The parking lot and Interpretive Centre are across the causeway.

Getting Ready for Your Tour

The walk isn't far, but there is a lot of stopping at each historical site - wear comfy shoes!

We do go out rain or shine, so check the weather before you head out - rain gear isn't a bad thing to have on hand. We recommend you bring bug spray, sunscreen and water.

For visitors with mobility concerns, we have an 8-seater golf cart and three other vehicles that you can catch a ride on. Vehicles are driven by Tour Escorts. Places on vehicles cannot be "booked" in advance; just identify yourself to a Tour Escort and they will make sure you have a seat. 

Tour FAQs

Can I  bring my dog on a tour?

Absolutely, yes. Well behaved four-legged friends on leash are very welcome.

If I can't get on a tour, can I still visit the Interpretative Centre?

For sure. To see the hours of operation for the IC, plus any planned closures, please click HERE

When should I arrive for my tour?

We open the causeway to traffic ONE HOUR before your tour goes out. If you arrive before then, we will hold your vehicle on the land side of the causeway.

Why are there no tours during the week?

At this time, the island is host to History Television's show The Curse of Oak Island. The show is typically shot weekdays throughout the summer, making weekday tours a logistic impossibility.

Why is there a cap on how many people can come on a tour?

The short answer? To ensure our visitors have an exceptional experience. The longer answer: Oak Island is a small place connected to the mainland by a single lane causeway;  we respect the land owners and the environment. Parking is also limited.

Can I just walk/drive around the Island?

Nope. The Island is, and always has been, private property. The only way to visit the historic sites on the island is through a guided tour.

Can I bring a large RV or camper to the island when I visit?

Please note that our available parking space is pretty compact. We can have a lot of visitors on our big tours, and that can equate to some close-quarter parking. If you visit with a large RV or trailer, we may not be able to accommodate you.